The tenants of 2121 Beekman TA are fighting for decades overdue repairs. They are reclaiming their common areas that have been overrun with refuse and unfriendly non-tenants. We are struggling to make this building into a beautiful beacon of community and care.

2121 Beekman tenants are getting organized! The landlord is getting scared. After a week of trying to pressure tenants to allow him to attend the meetings, he had the cops called on us. The cops left after the tenants asserted their right to organize in public common spaces. But the landlord was not done. He calleda super to act as his proxy and spy on the meeting. Tenants began to whisper and point the spook out. We kindly encouraged him to leave, and after some pushback, he left and our meeting continued on.

We will not be intimidated. We will not be moved.