On Saturday March 4th, in front of the offices of slumlord David Spindler, tenants across Brooklyn stood with Fidele — one of our most inspiring tenant leaders and members of Brooklyn Eviction Defense — as she demanded that the slumlord drop his bogus eviction case against her and that she get a permanent lease for her apartment at the price she is paying now.

On top of that Fidele raised our movements demands for a ban on illegal evictions forever, ban all eviction without good cause forever, and that the city is return to its rightful owners: worker-tenants! Everyone at this action has been touched by Fidele in one way or another.

Whether it is in housing court where she is willing to stand up for you against scummy landlord lawyers, or show up in the freezing cold for a stoop watch at an eviction defense — Fidele has been a part of the glue that holds the movement together. The movement in turn owes a great debt of solidarity to her and her struggle; we will continue to show up for Fidele just as we know she will for us.

The fight is on it’s march but there is always time to join us!