The bargaining committee at 649 Empire TA met last night to iron out our demands and resolve for today’s negotiation with our the Landlord! We sent our demands out last monday and were met with a prompt response a day later from the landlord. This was no coincidence: 37 out of 54 units (70%) physically signed on to the demands! Tenant power gets it done.

Tenants who have been here 3 years to 50 years were represented at our meeting last night and we all agree that we need to set strict timelines and expectations (such as a licensed and well reviewed contractor) for our three main demands:

– A Safe and Secure Building: Cameras and package lockers to be installed.
– Replace and reseal windows that are letting in cold air (and bugs) that have been without maintenance for decades.
– Consistent heat throughout all units and routine maintenance of clogged air ducts.

Be on the lookout for more updates. The tenants at 649 Empire TA have BED’s full support!