replubilshed statement by Outlive Them NYC:


Last night, we were honored to welcome in Shabbat with the Robinson family and their supporters at 964 Park Place, where a weeklong eviction defense has held strong against violent attempts to displace them from their home of 71 years. On Monday, agents of the so-called landlords tried to assault eviction defenders on the steps of the home.

The community stood strong and held the stoop until being forcibly removed by police. As antifascist Jews, we stand with communities and against landlords and cops. We stand with Queen Afua, Sherease, and their neighbors. Cops don’t protect us. They protect white supremacy, capital, and property.

It is our duty to speak out against oppression and displacement, regardless of the perpetrators. The idea that standing up to Jewish capitalists is antisemitic is absurd. From Crown Heights to Palestine, Jewish comrades are fighting displacement brought about by gentrification and settler-colonialism; both weapons of white supremacy backed up by police violence.

We have been proud to join our Jewish and non-Jewish comrades from Brooklyn Eviction Defense and Crown Heights Tenants Union on the frontlines of this defense, and will continue to fight alongside them until we abolish evictions forever.

Outlive Them stands in solidarity with Sherease and Queen Afua as they stand strong in their home with support from neighbors and allies from across the boroughs.


Founded in October 2018, Outlive Them New York City (OLT NYC) is an all-city coalition of Jews and otherwise oppressed people organizing to defend all our communities from those who would exterminate us.